5 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Bicycle

It appears a bit of a shock that some bikes give you more compared to others. As most riders have realized, you can get the most out of just about any type of bike. Biking is one of the most enjoyable experiences. It is a perfect way of staying in good health while improving your fitness levels. It gives the circulatory system – including your heart – proper workout. Each hour of cycling helps you to burn more than 500 calories. Deciding to bicycle more often could actually help lower your insurance costs, so things like health costs (no more having to worry about searching for “cheap Springfield, MO health insurance“) would be lower and you would no longer have to search frantically for cheap car insurance since you wouldn’t need it. However, you must do a few things to get the most out of your bicycle and enjoy your time.

Wear helmet at all times

First, wear a helmet at all times. Your safety is the most important consideration. Each year, hospitals in the United States provide over 6,000 cyclists with emergency care for injuries suffered on the head from accidents. More than 75% of fatalities reported in cycling are from head trauma. As long as you wear the helmet properly, you will increase your ability to prevent brain injuries by around 90 percent. The helmet you buy must adhere to the standards set in place by the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the US.

Buy bikes that fit your frame

It is possible to get the most out of your bike if you choose one that fits your frame well. This factor is crucial for people buying a new bike for the first time. Straddling the bike before standing flat-footed on it is one of the most effective ways of determining whether it is the right fit. Feel free to ride a bike with the same seat with which you bought it. However, nothing should hinder you from the purchase of a bike and changing the seat if it is not as comfortable as you desire. Look for seats with reduced friction and pressure.

Start slowly

Starting slowly is a highly advisable approach for riders who are out of shape. Initially, cycle the bike for around 30 minutes each day. Keep increasing the minutes, gradually as your fitness levels and skills improve. During the first 3-4 weeks, you ought to ride the bike on flat terrain. Remember to wear comfortable clothes while riding. Some clothes and clothing items are only good at making your experience one that you wish to forget as quickly as possible. Cycling shorts made without seams are great for biking.

Wear the right clothes

When riding in places with poor lighting, it is advisable to wear brighten clothing. Where appropriate, avoid riding the bike at night or in darkness. The time between 6 pm and 9 pm is when most cycling fatalities take place. Brightly colored and highly reflective clothing, together with reflective tape on the helmet plus the bike, guarantee your safety when riding the bike in darkness or at night. When riding on the road, remember to obey all road signs while using hand signals, riding with the traffic, and giving cars plus pedestrians the right of way.

Check gears and breaks

Finally, check the gears to ensure that they are in great condition. The last thing you want is to be riding down a slope only to realize that the gears and brakes stopped functioning a long time ago. Do not ride while in a single position. Keep changing the position of your back, shoulders and hands as frequently as possible. This helps you to improve the flow of blood throughout the body. Continue shifting the position of the arms, back and neck. If you follow this guideline, you should be able to get the most out of your bicycle each time you ride it.


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