How Cars Have Improved Over The Past 20 Years

Technology is advancing by the minute and so is the automobile industry since we all know cars need technology and they heavily rely on it for it to actually work. It’s no wonder why our cars have improved so much over the last couple of decades. The improvements, I must say, are pretty major and beyond impressive. The cars we have now are so much different from what we had twenty years ago in terms of its features. Here are some of the improvements I’ve noticed in our cars over the past twenty years.


Cars now have insanely amazing and almost one hundred percent accurate navigation systems

Gone are the days when we had to print out a map or get a compass to know what direction to go, where to turn, where to stop etc. And if you happen to want to have a navigation system installed twenty years ago, you’d have to shell out thousands of dollars, which for me is a very unreasonable expense unless you’re a millionaire. But today, most if not all new cars have built-in navigation systems that are mostly touchscreen. Apparently, this has become a standard rather than an added feature. It’s very convenient and it’s also safer for the driver and the passengers since you don’t have to stop every five minutes to check your map.


Cars now have safety features unlike ever before

When it comes to safety features, today’s modern technology really did do the trick just think about all the airbags available today. Some vehicles have around ten airbags or more for added safety. Twenty years ago, there weren’t any airbags or if there were, the maximum number would have to be two. Also, cars today have warning systems as well as blind spot recognition and not to mention alert sensors. If you don’t use your seatbelt with the engine on, an alarm will notify you and there’s also dash cameras and rear cameras that help prevent collision damage.


Cars are now economical in terms of fuel usage

Do you know that a decade ago the average price of gas per gallon is estimated to be $1.78? But because the price of gas is increasing year after year, automobile manufacturing companies have invented car models that are economical in terms of fuel usage. Today, these cars are highly in demand. Although they come with a price upon purchase, at least you know that in the long run, you’ll save a lot on gas.

Cars have self-awareness features

Before, you won’t know if your tire pressure is low unless you manually have it checked or how much gas you have in your tank or if one of your car doors is not properly closed. In today’s cars, you’ll know all these because your car will inform you. Cars today also have Bluetooth features, which allow you to make hands-free, calls.


Car Sound Systems Sound Amazing Today

It used to be the fact that when you got a new car that if you wanted to have a good sound system in it, you were going to have to go get some aftermarket speakers just to get decent sound. There have been many strides in car audio systems in today’s cars that will satisfy most people. However, if you do want high-level sound for your car, then your only bet is still going to be aftermarket speakers to do this. This can be a confusing thing but if you check out speakerxperts review the best car speakers here and they can steer you in the right direction in deciding what you need for your purposes and how to do it for the best price.


I salute automobile manufacturing companies for doing a great job at how they’ve massively improved our vehicles today.

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